FSA Summer Gathering Contacts

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The festival in general Morganna, the FSG Coordinator [send email]
Merchanting Rachel, the Merchant Coordinator [send email]
Registration & Housing Coop & Syn, the Registrars [send email]
Classes, Workshops, & Community Rituals Eve and Reneé, the Programming Coordinators [send email]
Gathering Rituals Reneé and Eve, the Rituals Point People [send email]
Sweat Lodges Leanne, the Sweats Coordinator [send email]
The Free Spirit Academy (for Kids) Lyric & Cheryl, the Academy Coordinators [send email]
The Teen Program Lord Fairy Bottom Educifer & Stormlily, the Teen Coordinators [send email]
Performing at FSG Lynn, the Bardic Path Coordinator [send email]
Working on Staff Kitsa aka Catbert [send email]


Free Spirit Alliance Contacts